Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Moments, Life and Remarkability

Moments pass by as a drop of water, each one of it make Life. Moments vanishes as you start thinking of it to complete your life. But just analyze WHY? Why are we here ? What we are supposed to be?
Some good saying: Live whole-heartedly, help others, do whatever you like with passion, contribute to the miraculous deeds our ancestors had done once, never give up life will always test your patience and endurance. Is it love, lust, success we are living for? Are we going the right way? Are we destined ?

If one ever think of why Einstein, Faraday, Sachin, anyone..why were they great?How come respect comes out of its own while remembering them.
  • Simple they discovered something, they were leaders, they were simply different.
  • How come they were different, they were mere humans.
Your answers started sprouting:
  • Things were easier at that time. Nah
  • Easy resources. Not possible.
  • Plenty of time to try out something new. Not sure? same 24 hours.
  • Things was unexplored, now everything is there. Same thoughts prevails over centuries.

Eight Secrets Of Life
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It seems they did something different, impossible and remarkable. My thoughts say follow those simple guys who were remarkable, contributer and made their life worth living. Moving against the tide is never easy, but the flew, they were not different rather they were much simpler. Isn't?
Its just that they analyzed and walked through the path their heart was leading. It was their passion and inner urge to follow their dream that made them remarkable. They never did it to be famous or for wealth, its the satisfaction they were thriving for. This is greatness.

Now, lets discuss our life, we are brought up educated, equipped with all resources (most of them one don't even need), plenty of time (exclude the time spent on cell, chat, bc and complains about life), I belief everything is more easy, approachable, just one click away thanks to Mr Tim Berners Lee. One dont have to travel years to find where India is, on boat with few crew members. Our great remarkable leaders fulfilled all the resposibilities, they did loved some one, they did married, they did whatever a common man spent time upon. So whats missing ??
Passion, Depth of thought, Direction etc
In one thought we have never thought, why are we here for? It was their remarability that made them respectable, different, famous, successful. You know Apple never fell over Einstein's head, he was just sitting idle under apple tree and looking at calm moon and an Apple and he realized that both are of same size and yet one falls down and one never. So distance can make things look alike but something decreases and he coined the name as Gravity. Remarkable enough for the whole world.

In Modern World one try to dress, talk , walk, become rich but surprisingly none of them takes to the path of remarkability other than creating differences, boundaries. Simplicity is the characterstic of being different.

I believe "Simplicity of character is the natural result of profound thought"


Vitin said...

ok fine....u started wid good saying ,,,do wat u like wid crap and den gandhi followed simplicity and moved against the tide...followed the way his heart was leading wid....I guess its same as watever u do do with passion...kind of contadicting ur statement...
and why are they different...ok...they found out/ did a thing that was not der/done before...gandhi our freedom...einstein the law of the greatness lies wid the bat...think of playing at that young age... lets start wid steve jobs..I-pod..the new revolution...which wasn der before... anything dude anything...its coz of finding or doing something new...or wat u liked to do...passion... explore and u will find avenues and m sure a way to be one of the greatest in the list .... :) keep rocking...

Ankit Gupta said...

wud have totally agreed with you if i wud hav been an ideal person. But in reality i am not.
There are many things which will never attract passion but still u have to do them. Take an absurd eg. - cleaning ur butts after you shit. Why is anybdy doing it? Is it their passion?
BECAUSE it will smell, you are compelled to do that activity.

Ask yourself! do you want to work or explore world? Your passion will say lets explore. But work is nessary else u won't earn! And at that point, aethetic satisfaction is nowhere in picture. On the contrary, monitary satisfaction will surely satisfy you. And at that point of satisfaction, passion will be hidden.

Gandhi, Faraday, Sachin...were basically less real and more ideal. And it is not easy to be ideal. You can't be in equilibrium if u want to be in ideal state. An ideal person if happy is 100% happy, whereas if he is sad, he is 100% sad.

There are many others factors which decides your passion. According to my research, a person who tends to go for his heart is more likely to be driven by passion whereas a person who uses brain more than heart, will be driven by goals and not passion (plz note - there are exceptions to this theory).

Dil se Dimaag tak (a philosopher's journey to wisdom)...coming soon nearby you -----------------

Ankit Gupta

* - i am wondering why am i writing so much. May be 6 PEGS of seagrams amplifies ur stamina by (x) amount, where (x) is directly proportional to ur capacity.

* - don't drink and write, it may be injurious to bloggers (:P)

Keep Blogging

Vitin said...

ok...fine...fantastic... jst tell me any person whose passion is to clean the butt...OK will not tak bout u but ideally speaking none...:) and dude...did gandhi or any other great personality din cleaned their shits off...
What we were trying to discuss was wat life is far as reality is this world of rationality none seems to be ideal...and of-course wat everyone is doing is for getting jobs and done...he's compelled to do dat..not that its his passion..OK if u have enough guts..leave ur present company...start something new ...from nowhere...watever ur heart it...if u have steel balls...:P
u can't coz u r real and not ideal...That depends on ur the world seems to you...Gandhi can't accept accept that India be ruled by someone else...ok every Indian may have thinkd that way...but majority did nothing ...they were jst the caricature of the real world...the one who did...w/o further thoughts..following his passion...o..o...again same..but yeah.. seems to be "THE ONE"...
sachin...never thinkd..what if he failed...shuldn't he study and get job...never I guess... Einstein..Steve anyone...
and yeah ideality comes from reality only real persons can be ideal and the vice-versa can never b true..

and yeah the last thing..they never thot that they have one thing that come in their off their butts...:)

keep rocking...

Akshay Gupta said...

Thats why they were few, as simple as that. I'll not hesitate to leave my company if one day I'll think so.

Besides cleaning your butt attracts you more I guess. Poor you!!

Pratyush said...

What has this world come to?

Profound thoughts, philosophy, ideal life etctera have been punctuated by a random philosopher with thoughts of dirty posteriors in his 'idle'mind. Ankit, you are remarkable, by Jove! (Read 'hints' of sarcasm in this!)

Nice thoughts Akshay. Thoughts are the effectors of actions, and I for one, know that, come what may, you'll always follow your heart!

Loads of luck, bro!

P.S. A very very Happy New Year! :)