Saturday, September 13, 2008

Job vs Life

Why are we being educated?

Nursery, LKG, UKG, I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII
What Next ? ...IIT, an year dropped:(, Jamia is although good. I, II, III, IV year. B.Tech Comp(uter)lete. What Next?...MS/MBA/Job?I opted for Job :-)

Being from a middle class family, some how our society gives you an aim to get a "JOB" and work generously to rise and earn decent salaries.

And when I am very near to start with my first job, there is something within myself which is questioning is this the end (as shown by our society) or is this the beginning? Beginning as of...starting of my career, going to company everyday, work and again work. Is this what for I have been educated for so long and awaited to feel the eternal bliss of a Job, what only matters is to earn money, do i also get trapped as millions of people and loose my identity, will it provide me happiness to the rest of my life, will I be able to fulfill my dreams/ambitions within some years from now before marriage specifically.

I felt really disappointing that neither our society nor our education system taught anything in this regard. Always I tried soving Matrix/Differential/Integration problems, mugging history, solving assignments, impress my teachers, having high grade. Unfortunately, it had lead me nowhere and I completely don't know why did I actually studied all the crap which I have already forgotten long time back and to blame myself, I never took the pain to explore beyond the psychological comfort of a job which somehow flourished in my mindset too and I completely felt a class-I guy who enters new classroom (World), and feels completely strange with no mentor this time and as understanding grows, this is stage where again I have to prove myself where millions of people are already competing to grow by hook or by crook. Remember famous dialogue from RDB: "gate k is taraf hum duniya ko nachate hai and gate k us taraf duniya hamein aur duniya ki is bheed me na jaane laakhon DJ piss gaye",indeed very true. We are out of the gate, no step backing, now.

Don't read if you think I'm about to give to an answer or an alternate to situation. What I mean is to understand yourself, organize your thought. Think again and again why have you really been educated? Its only your thought process that can enlighten your path to vision beyond the boundaries.

If I talk about myself, I am closely analyzing all trends of lifestyle, fashion, Gen X, Tech World, Entrepreneurs, Government, India's "Cool" philosophy (will talk more about it later), Mobile, Internet etc., and will launch myself in the direction I'll feel myself more aligned to unleash the mystery of life and to achieve 100 percent of my thought. This might be the reason why Americans/Japanese are leading as they walk in that platform they are actually meant for besides merely following others blindly and unknowingly getting trapped.

Remember, job in any way is a medium (not the end) to reach to your dream/ambitions and this is what you exactly need to explore and then one need to keep the SPARK alive to achieve them. Happy Beginning :-)


Ankit Gupta said...

Hi Aks,
the words here are true, but the system is like that. Now, i have encountered the criticism of system endless times, but wonder whether it will change or not.

to sum up ur thoughts, i read a book 'Joker in the Pack' (written by IIMB guys) just for getting that CAT motivation. There too i encountered a similar stanza

“And the best way to do that, for them, was the ‘safe way’ of an MNC job, as a ‘government job’ had been before liberalization. This philosophy prevails despite the fact that some of the richest and the most popular people in the world have been entrepreneurs or skilled artists who backed their talent and, consequently, money became incidental. It would, I realized, be some time before kids would actually be encouraged to purse their interests rather than test scores.”

Please take my advice, do whatever you want to do b4 u land in this IT mess (why am calling a mess!! See a movie - Office Space :P).
When i first landed into Counter Strike Corp (commonly known as CSC), I loved it...i loved everything abt it...but when i see 5 out of 7 days monotonically going to AC office, i sometimes go into a thought whether whole life am going this way only?? If YES, oo oo hav to do something :)

But tell me if we had a choice. you took science after 11th just to get that IT job...a Comp. Engg tag, which according to a survey gets you the best biwi(s)...DO WE HAVE A SECOND CHANCE ;)

On a serious note, tell me one thing related 2 your past. Facts and figures abt 'IMPRESS MY TEACHERS' (man U have mentioned these :)).
Wonder when you did that !!
Nautanki Saala

Keep Blogging

Akshay Gupta said...

In school, april, another new academic year and some new teachers and I try to be in the limelight or catch their attention is what I call "Impress my teachers" :-)
Anyways good to see your big comment.
In any case, we guys have to do job and do have to feel the pleasure of wealth but at the same time don't forget yourself, your dreams that you saw in your childhood. Keep the spark alive and try to establish your distinguished identity amongst the crowd of millions.

About SECOND CHANCE, we always have it...But we are always socially closed although we try to be open everytime...isn't? I mean how many cases have you seen, a person left everything and went to search about life, truth as Vivekanand or Dayanand did ? Take for example, Anil Kumble, Indian Test team Captain, Software Engg. took "Second Chance",now, Highest Indian test wicket taker, started bowling at around 20 (if I'm not wrong). So there is always Second Chance but we are very much bounded in our Indian society.
Wanna take chance ?? :-)

Akshay Gupta said...

Now start using , google sms channel

Robert said...

read robert kiyosaki, napoleon hill, anthony robbins, they will teach you how you get the spark alive.