Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ideas and their Execution..

Ideas ... ?

Human brain works at much higher frequency than a CPU of one's PC or laptop, without getting unplugged or low battery. Simulations shake hand concurrently without deadlock par than multitasking system can. Hemoglobin transfers data and control signals with FSB with the frequency of light. Brain stores all memories with infinite storage capacity as a Hard-disk without ever getting crashed, Responses which are impulsive, simple, potent and follow all the Laws of Nature, and portray ones thought process which flows out intermittently from our Mind (Cache). Ans if they really solve some problem...I call them IDEAS ... !!!
Hope now one understands my IDEA !!
I'm another idiotic computers guy :)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Individual Globalization....


The term mostly related with Christopher Coumbus on his voyage in 1492 who sailed with the Nina, the pinta and the Santa Maria in an effort to discover a shorter, more direct route to India to confirm that the world is round not flat!!
U know Y he did the Voyage???Just to encounter a New World, to search Indian Riches: precious metals , silks, spices. Era of The Globalizaton of countries and power.


Then from 19th to 20th century the expansion of world via telephones, media, electronics world, Stock exchange, the PC's, satellite, Multi national Companies headed while being interrupted by the great depresson(colonization and bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and World Wars I &II the life never stopped and the key factor "Change" resulted in the
Globalization of Companies and their Integration

Flat World:

"The Playing Ground Is Being Leveled: Mr Nilkani, CEO Infosys"
Now the 21st Century and the world shrinking is to nano size and the storage expanding to Terabytes. Asians, especially Indian professional outsourcing the work and Indian IT market and Software graduates encomplishing tons of work while its night in the Developed Countries has set the world for a individual to Expand Its Horizon and

The Era Of INDIVIDUAL Globalization, the newfound power to collaborate and compete globally has now Leveled the GROUND.